Management Board

We are proud of 20 years of value-based entrepreneurship and the success as well as our customers prove us right.
We would like to thank all those, especially our employees, who have walked this unique path with us and continue to look to the future with hope!

digibon lives the conviction that good products and services can only last in the long run if they are created on the basis of a strong corporate culture.

Our guiding principles are not trendy marketing tools for advertising purposes in glossy magazines, but the conviction we live by. digibon has had a value base for 20 years, which is tested annually for its validity and livability. With target-performance comparisons, we analyze and discuss our mission and continue to develop not only in technical terms, but also in a value-based cooperation.

Trust, honesty, fun, a culture of well-being, challenge and support - to name just a few - are not empty words for us. In our culture, creative business ideas flourish and extraordinary products can be developed, providing us with a sound basis for prosperity! Although the Management Board can already look back on a 20-year history, we still feel like a start-up company that embodies dynamism, creativity, openness, curiosity and youthfulness - as is usual for start-ups.


With digibon, we live a unique corporate feel-good energy culture in which it is a pleasure for us and for each individual to work. In a trusting and honest environment, we encourage and challenge each other. We give each other strength and energy and give joy to life! We choose our words very conscientiously and attentively, as they are a sign of our appreciative and respectful attitude towards each other. Each individual in our team knows what he/she wants and what is important, and consistently strives to achieve this. Together, we pursue the goal of a unique corporate culture. In this culture, good business ideas flourish and ingenious products can be developed that secure a good material basis for our prosperity!


We are thinking today about the world of tomorrow. And we help to help. Because opportunities are what we have the most here in Austria, we support and are committed to the "Spendenkarussell", which tries to bring about change and find a way out of poverty for children(

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