Meal vouchers now also valid in the home office!

The payroll tax guidelines provide that, due to the COVID 19 crisis, there will be no concerns in 2020 and 2021 if employees redeem vouchers for meals in the amount of Euro 8 per working day by picking up the meals at a restaurant or having them delivered by the restaurant or a delivery service and consuming them at home.


Meal vouchers are therefore also valid in the home office, even with meal pickup or meal delivery!

The smart solutions from Vorarlberg

digibon Datentechnik GmbH is the pioneer of digital meal vouchers and the only company on the market to offer three different systems for tax-free enjoyment, healthy breaks and good team spirit

the classic meal ticket

an app-based solution for the digital management of meal vouchers

the solution for company kitchens - location-independent, modular, scalable

Each of these three products meets a wide variety of requirements and is tailored to the individual needs of the company.

Flexibility in the sense of our customers, that is digibon!

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    "In a competitive environment that demands the highest levels of productivity and profitability, every manager's aspiration is to increase employee performance and motivation."

    This is how easy it is to motivate your employees

    Employee motivation is easier and less expensive than you think. With the digital meal voucher you inspire your employees, you benefit from tax advantages at the same time and offer an incentive for maximum employee satisfaction. And all this with smart incentive solutions that save you time and money.

    Time for regeneration

    With digibon's products, you offer your employees an incentive to take time out during their lunch break, eat healthy and socialize with colleagues. This benefits productivity in the afternoon and a good corporate culture.

    Tax savings made simple

    For example, a company with 100 employees saves more than 125,000 euros a year in non-wage labor costs with digibon. The employees also save almost 45,000 euros in payroll tax and social security and can go out to eat tax-free. digibons are therefore benefits gross for net!

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