With digibon, our classic, you offer your employees an incentive to take time out during their lunch break, eat healthy and socialize with colleagues. This benefits productivity in the afternoon and a good corporate culture.

Advantages, incentives and opportunities

  • simple accounting system
  • up to € 8 per employee and working day tax-free
  • Non-wage labor costs fall, employer branding is strengthened
  • Promotes joint lunch breaks and a good corporate culture
  • large gastronomy network that is constantly growing
  • Complies with all legal specifications and requirements
  • tax and data protection compliant

What would you like today?

Good bourgeois,

More than 800 varied lunches await you
Through our strong partner network, your employees will enjoy a diverse range of restaurants. The menu remains
varied, colorful and balanced. The digibon acceptance network includes over 800 restaurateurs where you can enjoy all digibon benefits. With the click of a mouse, you specify online which restaurants are of interest to you and your employees can redeem their digital meal voucher at the selected locations. In the background, we take care of the entire process with the restaurants for you.

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