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"The state of Salzburg was already using an electronic meal ticket system before digibon. After this product was discontinued, the state looked around for an adequate product. The requirement was that the new product should work just as easily and quickly for the employees in the inn as well as in the administration. In digibon, we found a trustworthy partner with decades of experience in the digital processing of receipts and a product that is even better tailored to our requirements."

Land Salzburg

"Great advice and great product. The organization worked flawlessly, was quick and efficient."

Tyrol Chamber of Commerce


"The administration is perfect, it saves us time and money. Non-wage costs have gone down, employee motivation has gone up. I'm still surprised how easy it can be."

Hofsteig Pharmacy Hubert Boor Managing Director

"With the dbonApp, our employees dine tax-free throughout the area. For us, this is a top benefit solution that can be redeemed anywhere. We don't have a canteen, but this way we can still eat fresh, varied and good food every day." 

Falch Ltd.


"We wanted a straightforward system for lunch participation. Before that, we had a "home-made" system. digibon, with its digital meal vouchers, offers a clever solution that saves us a lot of administrative work and is a daily benefit for our employees."

LTW Intralogistics

"Straightforward project handling and a transparent, innovative system were top priorities when choosing our partner. With digibon, we found both in one provider and are more than satisfied with the cooperation." 

Alpla Alwin Lehner GmbH

"We've been relying on digibon's digital meal tickets for decades, and we're always amazed at how quickly this company responds to our requests. " 

Julius Blum GmbH

"For us as a state administration with over 4,000 employees, it is essential to have a system that is uncomplicated on the part of the employee but also works without much effort on the part of the administration. Both is given with digibon. We are happy to have found a reliable service provider with digibon already over very many years, which is also based in Austria (Vorarlberg). " 

Land Tyrol

"In times of New Work, we want to offer our employees a meaningful meal allowance that allows them to benefit every day. In this, digibon helps us enormously and we already score points in the job interview as an attractive employer." 

Besch & Partner Anton Gächter Managing Director

"By using the dbonApp, the receipt handling process is automated. This eliminates monthly administrative activities such as voucher allocation, billing or the annoying reversal of expired vouchers, etc. This saves us a lot of effort and costs. And what's more, the dbonApp is a modern and attractive incentive solution for our employees."

Raiffeisenbank am Kumma Dir. Klemens Heinzle

"We are more than happy with handling our meal allowance through the dbonApp, as the app gives our employees the utmost flexibility and there is something for everyone. We and our employees love it!"

Paysafecard Prepaid Cards Ltd.

"Thank you very much, we are very happy!
Currently I am not aware of any other change requests, but I would of course get in touch otherwise.
You are welcome to give me as a reference. Just also recently there was a request for a meal solution in the HR community with a wide variety of companies and we advertised digibon as we are really very happy!"

Mondelez Europe Services GmbH - Branch Office Austria

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