Advantages & Benefits

  • dbon works everywhere without a partner network: in any restaurant, supermarket or snack bar
  • up to € 8,- per employee and working day
  • Tax-free; optimize ancillary wage costs
  • simple accounting system
  • no lengthy payment process, no forgetting your PIN, no cash registers that don't work
  • Tangible employer branding; employees see every day what the company is doing for them
  • Promote team spirit and community through shared lunch breaks
  • Complies with all legal specifications and requirements
  • Checking all receipts and archiving
  • tax and data protection compliant

This is how it works

Acceptance partner

An app for all tastes

Vegan, Italian or a fresh salad after all? dbon is the ideal digital companion to any restaurant, bakery or supermarket. Your employees can eat lunch or shop wherever they want. The app works everywhere, so there's something for everyone.

The large selection brings variety into the lunch break and motivates your employees to consciously take time and enjoy.

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