Only motivated employees deliver top performance

Motivation, known how...!

With digibon, you offer your employees an incentive to take time out during their lunch break, eat healthy and socialize with colleagues. This benefits productivity in the afternoon and a good corporate culture, and thus employee motivation.

For the health of your employees and for you as an employer

With our products, you are relying on a benefit that can be felt by every employee every day. You are introducing an attractive health measure that, according to WHO studies, increases productivity by up to 20%. Even a small subsidy makes it easier for many to opt for a healthy lunch break - one of the most important factors for health and motivation at work

I have it ... !

Laughing with friends and colleagues in a relaxed environment, having fun and enjoying good food...and developing creative ideas and solutions along the way. Because everyone knows that it's in a relaxed atmosphere that the best ideas are born.

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